American education is falling apart. Let's put it back together.

Look to the left. This chart, from The Two Million Minutes Blog, presents the results of a 2009 OECD study that disappointingly shows that America is lagging behind many other nations in terms of educational success. Essentially, our schools are failing us. Our students simply aren't learning as well as students across the globe. If we can't educate our students properly, we will not be able to sustain our status as a global superpower.

Politicians, educators, and the public have often used this downward slide as an excuse to demand more funding for educational programs. However, it is now time to look below. As Mercatus Center Senior Research Fellow Veronique de Rugy demonstrates with this chart, the U.S. spends more per student than the other countries represented, except for Switzerland. If success in education relied on funding, you'd expect the chart on the left to show America closer to the top.

The sad fact is, it's not just a matter of funding. They say that practice makes perfect; but if you're practicing wrong, you'll be perfect at doing it wrong. The same is true for education. We can funnel in all the money we want, but we have to make sure that our system of education is set up right in the first place.

"LEARN, or DIE" wants to change our grading system so that our students are focused on learning. The point of education is to educate, and until we focus on that ultimate goal, we won't be able to stop our current slide into stupidity. We have to put the focus back on learning. If we want to survive, we must learn. It's LEARN, or DIE.

You can learn more about our proposal here and download the PDF that started it all (and more!) here.


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